Genuine Lunar Meteorite Moon Dust Hand Blown Necklace 925. Sterling Silver

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Thank you for looking at our out of this World Jewellery!Love you to the moon & Back... Literally give the gift of the moon! 
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“Why all of the fuss, aren’t we just talking about a rock?” 
 The answer is simple, “A diamond is also just a rock but nowhere near as rare, complex or scientifically important as a rock from our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon.” 

A Genuine piece of the Lunar Meteorite NWA 5000
UK Grade Sterling Silver Ring with hand blown Lunar Dust Stone. Our Moon Dust is not loose on the necklace it is blown into the Pendant stone so you never lose it. 

How do we know it is a real piece of the Moon? The moon is constantly hit by meteorites itself and with no atmosphere and little gravity, the larger impacts will eject lunar rocks into space. After this impact, this meteorite will eventually be brought down to Earth by the Earth's gravitational pull. Scientists and universities all around the world examine meteorites and compare them with known lunar material, e.g. samples collected during the Apollo missions. The composition of gases and isotopes found is so unique that they can say for sure the material originated from the moon

Every Moon Dust piece comes with a certificate of Authenticity including the genuine holographic stamp with your unique authenticity code.
All our moon dust is purchased from the International Meteorite Collectors Association (I.M.C.A.) director. The I.M.C.A. is a nonprofit corporation that adheres to the strictest standards of authenticity.  The buyer has been a member of the I.M.C.A. since the beginning, his IMCA number is 2185, which can be referenced on the I.M.C.A. website at:
Pendant Size: 5mm 

 Please contact us if you have any questions on the authenticity of this piece.

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