Deluxe Anxiety Bracelet

  • £25.00

These bracelets will be made and sent out as soon as we can.

21 different healing crystals and a Sterling silver initial charm that can be customised.
We have done months of research for these beautiful bracelets finding the best quality, grade and healing properties of all these semi-precious stones. Every bracelet will come with a print out picture of what every bead is and the healing properties of every crystal.

£25 introductory price

This bracelet fits Small to Medium.

Please leave a message with the initial and if you would like an extra small or extra large bracelet size.

If no message is left we will add no initial to the heart and make a medium size


Pick your charm to add to the bracelet

1. Large puff heart

2. Small puff heart

3. Infinity heart

4. Music note

5.Tree of life

6. Paw print

7. Bee

8. Initial Heart- please leave a message with the initial  



1. Black Tourmaline 

2. Lapis Lazuli

3. Blue Goldstone

4. Botswana Agate

5. Blue Agate

6. Snowflake Obsidian

7. Tiger Eye

8. Amazonite 

9. Carnelian

10. Sunstone

11. Bloodstone

12. Flourite 

13. Rose Quartz

14. Pyrite

15. Howlite

16. Green Aventurine

17. Sodalite

18. White Jade

19. Hematite

20. Ameyest 

21. Onyx