Genuine Shooting Princess Full Band Ring

  • £75.00

Make a wish on a shooting Star... or gift a real one!


• Genuine Shooting Star Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite Hand Blown Princess Full Band Ring 925. Sterling Silver

• A Genuine piece of Campo Del Cielo "Field of Heaven) 

• Our Meteorites are not loose in the ring they are blown into the stone so you never lose it. 

• Stone size: 8mm 

• UK Grade 925. Sterling Silver 

• Every Meteorite piece comes with a certificate of Authenticity including the genuine holographic stamp with your unique authenticity code.

• Princess Rings, our setting is a beautiful crown bezel setting which you can see the stone from the front and the back, we put a panel in the stone so you can see the moon dust from the back of the pendant.

• These rings are made for comfort. They are sized to fit a finger, the available sizes A-Z UK (Please contact us if you would like any guidance with this).
The rings are sized to a finger and not adjustable 


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