Sugar Hair Bow

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Our Beautiful Bows are made with 100% Cotton. 

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Our Beautiful Bows are made with 100% Cotton. 

Small bows are 3 inches and come with a single prong crocodile clip

Large bows are 5 inches and come with a double prong crocodile clip

(this makes sure the bow does not droop)



1. Noir Black

2.Ruby Red

3.Tiffany Blue

4.Navy Blue

5.Baby Pink

6.Cerise Pink


8.Cadbury Purple

9. Ivory


11.Sweetheart Red Polka Dot

12.Sunny Yellow Polka Dot

13.Trixie Teal Polka Dot

14.Its Minty Mint Polka Dot

15.Lola Vintage Blue Polka Dot

16.Hello Sailor Blue Polka Dot

17.Venus Deep Blue Polka Dot

18. Lolly Lilac Polka Dot

19. Violet Polka Dot

20. Flossy Light Pink Polka Dot

21.Candy Cerise Pink Polka Dot

22.Scarlet Red and Black Polka Dot

23. Dolly Dot White and Black Polka Dot

24. Dita Dot Black and White Polka Dot

25. Rosie Red Floral Print

26.Bonnie White Floral Print

27. Doris Light Blue Floral Print

28.Doris Ditsy Light Blue Floral Print

29. Peggy Light Green Floral Print

30. Peggy Ditsy Light Green Floral Print

31.Betty Green Floral Print

32. Nancy Light brown Floral Print

33.Mabel Navy Blue Floral Print

34.Forget me Not Vintage cream floral print

35.Blush Rose Pink roses print

36.Cherry Doll Cherry on yellow print

37.Oh Honey honey bee print

38.Flower Power 60s print

39.Kitten leopard print

40.Pirate skull print

41.Skull and roses on green print

42.Skull and Roses on yellow print

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