• Sterling Silver Charm Upgrade

Sterling Silver Charm Upgrade

  • £5.00

One Charm only.
You can add multiple charms to necklaces & Bracelets, just add as many charms as you would like and we will add them to your jewellery.

This is a charm upgrade for our Sterling Silver Ashes Necklaces, Sterling Silver Ashes Bracelets, Sterling Silver Personalised Picture Necklaces and Sterling Silver Personalised Picture

1. Crystal Angel Wing
2. Large Angel Wing
3. Paw Print
4. Honey Bee
5. Key
6. Infinity Heart
7. Cross
8. Music Note
9. Puff Heart
10. Circle Stamp
11. Star Stamp
12. Heart Stamp

Please leave comment on the order what initial what you would like stamped on the circle, star or heart stamp charms, otherwise we will leave it blank.

Please note we do not sell the charms on its own, only when purchased as an upgrade.

If you purchase these charms, not as an upgrade we will refund you.