Our Methods

Having Ashes jewellery made is a very emotional journey to go through. We would like to help answer any questions/ concerns you may have. We have listed below a few questions and answers that you may have. Please feel free to message us with any other questions you have. 

How do I know it is only my ashes in the jewellery I receive?
Every Pet/Person has their own "house". My partner is a professional carpenter and has made me a workbench with individual walled sections, this means that every order has its own work section. Every Pet/person is kept in their house with information, pictures etc. Every step of the jewellery process is kept within their section so there is no chance of cross-contamination or mixed identity. 

What happens with the ashes not used in the jewellery?
Any Ashes we do not use in the jewellery will be sent back to you. We do not keep any of the ashes. On the rare occasion, a stone is imperfect with the ashes inside we will put the stone with the unused ashes in the bag and send back to you. 

Why do you want to know information about the pet/person I am sending you?
I started this business in memory of my daughter, I know how precious these pieces are. To me, the pets and people I receive are loved souls and I want to treat them with the respect they deserve. This can be a very emotional process for me to make ashes jewellery and I feel that knowing names and a little bit about the pet/person makes the process easier & nicer for both of us. I like to talk to the pets/people I have in with me play their favourite songs and just feel that everyone is treated with love and respect. 
I understand that not everyone will want to add personal details & I completely respect that, this is your healing journey so please add as much or little information as you are happy with.

What Ashes can we send to you?
As a company, we can make jewellery with any ashes. We can only accept Pet ashes on Etsy as it is part of their policy. Please contact us for more information or purchase your ashes jewellery on our website. 

We know this is a very personal process of loss and we would like to make this beautiful piece for you as easy as possible, please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.
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