How Do I Get The Ashes To You?

UK orders: After purchasing your Ashes piece we will send out a collection pack. 
This will have everything you need to collect the ashes and send them to back to us. 
We also add an information sheet to find out a little bit about the pet/person being sent to us. We do not like to use numbers when making ashes jewellery, we believe every one that comes to us deserves to have a name instead of just a number and to find out a little bit about them. We ask about personality traits, hobbies & interests and for a favourite song. I spend a lot of time with the pet/person while making the jewellery and I like to talk to them and play their favourite music. Each pet/person has their own "house" so they are not put with any other ashes. We also love receiving pictures and any other information you would like us to have. Please do not feel you need to send us information or pictures if you do not want to, this is your healing journey and we want to help in any way we can. 
Please send your ashes special delivery, we cannot be held responsible for any lost ashes.

WORLDWIDE: We ask that you send us a teaspoon of ashes in a grip lock bag to:
Sugar Oh Honey Honey, Vicky Rose
3 Waterford Road
Madley Park,Witney
OX28 1GD, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

Please send with name of Person/Pet, your name and order number. 

as this will help us get your jewellery back to you faster. 
We would also love pictures and information about the pet/person sent to us with the ashes or via message. 

Please send your ashes tracked and signed for, as we cannot be held responsible for any lost ashes. 

Some countries and charging extra tax for cremations being sent, please put 'Sand for Jewellery' on customs forms so you do not get charged extra. 

Please send ashes as a gift. Any fees that accrue will be the sender's responsibility to pay.