Luck Crystal Healing Bracelet

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Luck Crystal Healing Bracelet 

Aventurine, White Jade, Amazonite, Labradorite, Goldstone, Blue Goldstone

- Green Aveturine is a comforter and heart healer, and general harmoniser, protecting the heart. Brings you back into control of your feelings. Dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. Aventurine is a very positive stone for prosperity. Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. Enhances Creativity.

- White Jade Is a fantastic balancing stone. It helps boost confidence, brings you luck, discard negativities in your life and brings peace between your mind, body and spirit. Directs energy in the most constructive way. It filters distractions, emphasising the best possible result, and aids decision making as it pulls in relevant information.

- Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone. It calms the mind, body and spirit creating alignment. It is a stone that helps you see both sides of a problem or different points of view. Soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. It dispels negative energy and aggression. The stone assists in manifesting universal love. Heals and opens the heart to enhance loving connections.

- Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. This stone stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Banishes fear and insecurities and strengthens faith and trust in the universe. Calms an overactive mind and energises the imagination.

- Goldstone is the stone of ambition. It builds energy, courage and a positive attitude. Increases drive and confidence. A gently uplifting stone, promotes vitality. Helps you find your way when you feel lost and need to find direction. Great for travelling. This stone brings positive self-esteem and increases self-worth and helps us appreciate the many wonderful things in life. Positive energy and personal development, gives courage when feeling weak.

- Blue Goldstone is the stone of hope. It reminds us that even on our darkest days there are still stars to guide the way. Helps deflect negative thoughts and unwanted energies. It enhances healing energies and is connected to the spirit realm. Helps increase job opportunities by letting you see the best in every situation. Good for adults and children overcome phobias. Positivity and light this stone will remind you of all the good things.

• UK Grade Sterling Silver Charms

• We only use the highest grade Crystals from reputable companies.

• We only use the highest grade stretch material. 1mm crystal Stretch Magic.


1. Puff Heart
2. Infinity Heart
3. Paw Print
4. Honey Bee
5. Music Note
6. Heart Skull
7. Unicorn
8. Quote Heart
9. Tree of Life
10. Dream Catcher
11. Hamsa Hand
12. Stamp Circle
13. Stamp Heart
14. Angel Wing
15. Silver Bead


XS- 5.5-6 Inch 14-15.5 cm
S/M- 6-6.5 Inch 15.5-16.5 cm
M/L- 6.5-7 Inch 16.5-18 cm
XL- 7-7.5 Inch 18-19 cm

Remember these do stretch. If this is a gift our most popular size is the S/M.

If you would like a custom size bracelet please leave a message at checkout.